Salvation of Cambodia – A Worthy Cause

A Message of Thanks

Since 1993, the international community has invested large sums of money in a global effort to bring Cambodia out of its quagmire of poverty, but had little success. Cambodia still remains one of the poorest nations, subsisting below the United Nations standard for abject poverty, and governed by a corrupt, authoritarian government. As long as this government remains in power, the social, economic and political evils that plague Cambodia will continue. Corruption, neglect of the education sector, lack of health care and widespread human rights are just a few of these evils.

The newly launched National Rescue Party is the product of the will of the Cambodian people to bring about change, and is posed to compete in the July 2013 elections. The National Rescue Party is a union of the two largest opposition parties in Cambodia that won a combined total of nearly 2 million votes in the last election.

For the survival of Cambodia and our nation’s pride and dignity it essential that there be a political chance. Moreover for human rights to be restored, and socio-economic progress to take place the Cambodian People’s Party must be removed from power in a free and fair election.

Our Cambodia National Rescue Foundation has been set up to support The National Rescue Party in carrying out its mission to bring Cambodia out of its darkness and into a new era of social, economic and political stability and progress.

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Khmer Compatriots,

A concerted nationalist movement to reshape Cambodia’s political landscape is happening and happening fast all over the world. You can feel the excitement in the air. It’s a beginning of an end to a one-man, one-party’s ruling nation. The moment is now and we must seize it – fear no more. We shall move forward together, more determined than ever to deliver a united message, message of hope, of inspiration for a new renaissance that is long awaited the nation and the people of Cambodia.